Supertyphoon Reming (known as Typhoon Durian in the outside world) struck the eastern Philippines on November 30, 2006, causing great damage. On southeastern Luzon in the Bicol region the damage was especially severe.

In January, 02007, Hands On Disaster Response set up operation in the township of Santo Domingo, near the big city of Legazpi, at the foot of the great Mayon volcano. There, the damage was not only from the wind but also from rushing rivers of volcanic sand (lahar) mixed with the rain water that crushed and buried entire villages.

Mt. Mayon seen from San Isidro

We were in Albay province in the Bicol region, marked on the map:

This satellite image shows the areas that were damaged by lahar. We were located in barangay San Isidro, a mile southwest of Sto. Domingo town center. Click on the map to enlarge:

Philippine Daily Enquirer article

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