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Below: Miaseh and Harmi serve up a delicious lunch; HandsOn founder David Campbell washes up
in the alley.


Here is our bathroom, with the water storage basin and the toilet. The ladle was used to pour water
into the toilet to flush it. The solar shower hangs on the wall, ready for use. What a luxury!


Below: Max displays the local breakfast of Champions-- "Chocorillas", chocolate gorillas.
We all had to make our own breakfasts. Eventually, we found out where to buy bread and peanut butter
which were very handy for breakfast. And, although we were living in Java (Java=Coffee, no?), we found that
the standard offering was Nescafι instant.


Here we are relaxing in the living room. We were lucky to have a couple couches to sit on.
Many evenings, we would hang out on the front patio with the neighbors.


Below: Mug shots of the volunteers on the wall; HandsOn hats imbued with sweat and Indonesian brick dust
(and Mississippi mud from Katrina.)


Here's Les sorting pictures for our picture project. We had a group camera and all used it to take as many
pictures of villagers as we could. Then we posted the prints on the wall in the living room and passed the word
that people were welcome to visit us and take their own prints with them. Jo-Ann sits with Andari, a teacher of English
in the local schools. Jo-Ann helped teach in the makeshift schools a couple times a week.


Miaseh had a couple pups aged about 8 weeks when we arrived. Gimbul and Gimbal provided us with a cute
diversion. Fed mostly rice and cabbage (no one could afford much meat), they were introduced to their first
meat when we found a source of hot dogs at the upscale shopping mall in the nearby big city. After that, the pups
were frequent visitors at our doorstep.


The custom is to remove one's shoes indoors. We left our boots outside on the doorstep and eventually bought
a bamboo bench to facilitate the donning of footwear. The view from our front doorstep shows the cemetery
building opposite.


Below, the crew heads off to work. Note the boombox, which was purchased locally for use at the worksites.


Below: Jo-Ann amends the cooking/laundry work schedule for Harmi and Miaseh; the schedule board for volunteer
activities, dubbed "Jo-Jo's Board" after the Tennesee volunteer who used to maintain our board in Biloxi during Katrina.


Here Jo-Ann relaxes in bedroom during midday siesta; Marc relaxes in the living room at night.


Jeremy and Marc in the dining room; Barbara enjoys her lunch.


Here's the neighbor's well with the electric pump. We were lucky-- most people had to draw
water from their wells using a bucket.


Below: Returning home after a dirty day in the brick mines; Our herd of pet geckos amble
about the ceiling. (Curiously, in Indonesia, geckos do not sell insurance.)


Eventually we got so many volunteers that we had to rent another house nearby in order to have enough
sleeping space. It was a newer, nicer house on the main road. We dubbed it the "posh house". We even
bought a number of bunk beds for it to save space.


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