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Working in Concon

The earthquake damaged parts of the crop irrigation system in the rural villages on Concon and Ramadilla, near the city of Caρete, a couple hours north of Pisco by bus. Since the rural areas are often neglected when it comes to aid, Hands On decided to assist in the repair of the canals.

The work involved digging out the existing canals, gathering rocks to help fill the gaps between the canals and the cliffsides, and mixing, carrying, hoisting, and pouring cement into the wooden forms. We camped in the living room of a farm family in Concon and they volunteered to cook our meals and car for us. We walked a mile to the worksite pusjing wheelbarrows, and back again for lunch.

What a great change from drab and dusty Pisco! Here we were able to work up on the mountainsides, wnjoying a wonderful view of the green river valley with its orchards, fields, and cane forest. Local crops included fruit, corn, and cane for building. Along our canal were some nispero trees (nispero=loquat) with ripe fruit that could be eaten right off the trees-- a delicious benefit.

We imported 5-gallon jugs of drinking water but for bathing we had to climb a 1/4 mile down to the Caρete river. The river was quite clean and had a strong current-- quite fun to bathe there at the end of a hot dusty work day.

Here is the view from our house:

View from our house

We spent five days here. David was able to come back later for the dedication ceremony for the finished canal. Hands On also decided to work on repairing the Concon/Ramadilla water treatment facility and David came back later with another crew to work on that.

Click here to see a slideshow of pictures from Concon

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